This was going to be a big event, really big. Oasis, perhaps the greatest ever band to come out of Manchester had announced the first leg of their 2009 UK tour was going to be in Manchester, and not just in Manchester but in Heaton Park. Let me explain why this is such a big deal. Heaton Park is Europe's largest municipal park, and it happens to be a stone's throw from where I live. Now they have often hosted events before there, the BBC have it as one of their Proms in the Park, and there has been the odd concert there, but nothing on the scale of this. Ticket's went on sale, I managed to log on the morning they did, and managed to get some for the Thursday, the first of three gigs they were going to do at Heaton Park. Just as well I got them when I did because they had all sold out by the end of the day. This was going to be a momentous occasion. Oasis have done classic home gigs before, Maine Road in 1997 being the one that comes to mind. They'd not done anything this close to home for a good few years.

A few weeks before work started on building the stage. Two new entrances needed to be built in the walls of Heaton Park, such was the scale of this project. A couple of days before and the sound checks started. Oasis did them themselves, you could hear them from our garden as if you were attending at the gig, it was that clear and load. They spent about an hour and then a similar time the next day sound checking, it was brill.

The day arrived and we arrived. We met up about an hour before the start and downed a couple of bottles of wine before we headed off. We got there just as the first support band started playing, I can't really remember that much about them to be honest. There weren't really big queue's at the bar and the beer wasn't too expensive, so we carried on drinking. The toilets were an experience, the women kept moaning because they had to queue up, the men just waltzed up and did their stuff. You can see we didn't manage to get too near the front, quite a few of the front rows were reserved and you had to have special tickets to go there, ones we never got an opportunity to get hold of (you can sense a conspiracy theory starting). We still got a pretty good spot thought I think. Its me there, really
Its probably worth mentioning at this point that for a few weeks previously I had been suffering from very very bad coughing fits. My doctor diagnosed whooping cough, I was quite impressed at getting what I viewed as a Victorian disease. The main symptom was some very bad fits, they could last several minutes at a time. I mention this because I had a big one at the concert, there was a bloke in front of me who thought I was dying, my wife just turned to him and said, no I'd be fine, really.The main support Kasabian (Leicester's finest band since Shawaddywaddy) started, by that time it was pretty jam packed. Everyone was getting well into it, by the time they go to Fire it was rocking .
The time came and Oasis came on, they started with "Rock and Roll Star". Then they went off again. We thought it was all part of the act, but it soon transpired there was a power cut. It took over 40 minutes to sort out, eventually Noel came out and announced it would be a free gig from here on in, words I'm sure he later regretted. Anyway things soon got back on track.  Oasis playing
  They played a mixture of old and new stuff, a hell of a lot of stuff from "Definitely Maybe", you get the feeling that that was their favourite album, certainly full of classic stuff
One of the more annoying aspects was the continual flying of pints. Some of them were beer, but some of them were more of a undesirable nature (people not bothering to go to the toilet). So even though it was a hot summer's day, we still all ended up getting soaked. Apparently at a later gig, one of these pints soaked Liam and he stormed off the stage and sulked for half an hour.  
All in all it was a great concert (that sounds so old fashioned, what an old git I am turning into), well worth going to. I did apply for my money back afterwards (after they did say it was free), but nothing ever came of it, oh well.