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With Omni Medical Services you will get an integrated development plan personalised to your practice. We will assist you with all promotion activities, including:

  • Promoting you to health insurance providers
  • Setting up various profiles on healthcare websites (e.g. Spire Consultant Search)
  • Producing and sending out letters & leaflets to GPs and other consultants for an increase in referrals¬†
  • Adding you to Omni Medical Services website¬†
  • Liaise with management at private hospitals to ensure they are promoting your practice on their end
  • Producing a detailed social media plan
  • Assist with your practice's website
  • Help with a blog

For your Medico-Legal practice we can:

  • Register you with medico-legal agencies
  • Produce and send letters promoting you to solicitors and agencies
  • Help your practice expand to other locations in the UK by setting up new clinics with venues and adding new availability with agencies and solicitors