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Mr Munir Ali is a Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic surgeon who practiced privately and worked for the NHS for over 25 years, before he retired from clinical work in 2019. He now focuses entirely on medico-legal reporting and has over 20 years of experience doing so, being regarded very highly in the field. He has experience with all medico-legal aspects, such as, Supplementary reports, Joint Statements, Main Medical reports and Part 35s.

He holds clinics all over the UK from Manchester to London and has a relatively quick turn around time and high standard for reports.

Consulting Locations 

  • 16 St John Street, Manchester
  • 72 Rodney Street, Liverpool
  • The AMS Clinic, Bradford¬†
  • Holmfield Consulting Rooms, Leicester
  • West End Medical Practice, London

Mr Munir Ali is under the care of Omni Medical Services to get in contact with his private secretary please call 0161 772 0961.